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  1. In unconstitutional states it's the nature of the necessarily nomadic processes of liberation that counts. And in constitutional states, it's not established and codified constitutional rights that count but everything that's legally problematic and con- stantly threatens to bring what's been established back into question that counts. There's no shortage of such problems these days; the whole Civil Code's strained to breaking-point, and the Penal Code is in as great a mess as the prison system. Rights aren't created by codes and pronouncements but byjurisprudence. Jurisprudence is the phi- losophy oflaw, and deals with singularities, it advances by working out from singularities. All this may of course involve taking particular positions to make some particular point. But it's not enough these days to "take a position," however concretely. You need some sort of control over how it's presented. Otherwise you'll quickly find yourself on television replying to stupid questions or face to face, back to back, with someone, "discussing things." What ifwe were to get involved in producing the program? But how? It's a specialized business, we're not even the customers any more; television's real customers are the advertisers, those well-known liberals. It would be pretty sad to see philosophers being sponsored, with company logos allover their out- fits, but maybe it's happening already. People talk about intellectuals abdicating their responsibility, but how are they supposed to express themselves in some all-purpose medium that's an offense to all think- ing? I think there's a public for philosophy and ways of reaching it, but it's a clandestine sort of thinking, a sort of nomadic thinking. The only form of communication one can envisage as perfectly adapted to the modern world is Adorno's model of a message in a bottle, or the Nietzschean model of an arrow shot by one thinker and picked up by another.

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